Sharia U.S.By Elijah Abraham   

Forty-five years have passed and the U.S. is still in denial.  The Muslim brotherhood planted its tentacles in the U.S. by establishing its Muslim student associations in American universities. You would think the attack of 9/11 would have got America awakened to fight an ideology that has one thing on its mind – that is the destruction of our beloved nation and world domination. That did not happen.

The question is why? Due to the progressive liberal’s agenda to convert this nation into a communist country, they have diluted the education system where patriotism is a thing of the past. When a nation loses its focus of its own history, they lose the need to defend it and its way of life.  The liberals have been working to make our nation like Europe. Including the political correctness movement that has paralyzed common sense and neutralized truth. If you stand up for the truth, you will be targeted by the political correctness Gestapo.

Islamic agents have learned their tactics from the progressive liberals. They have infiltrated our government, education system, financial system, and some of our churches.  You might ask, do we have Shari’ah law in America? The answer is, YES.

Shariah has been advancing at a slow rate before 9/11, but it was accelerated by George W. Bush with his defense of Islam and calling it a religion of peace.  The Obama administration put Shariah and its agenda on steroids. Once Muslims saw that they have an advocate in the White House, they kicked their plans into gear.  I will discuss these plans in future updates.  In the meantime, I want to bring you attention to more recent events:

Attack in Paris

It was not a total surprise to us that the attack in Paris happened the way it did.
It was executed according to their prophet’s plan of invading a nation through deception. Here are the steps:

  • When Muslims arrive, they accept their new homeland’s laws. Their first step is to announce that Islam is a brother religion to Christianity and Judaism. Dialogues and “building bridges” sessions are held for the media and Kafir (non-Muslim) communities. Thye also claim that Western Civilization is actually based on Islam’s Golden Age.
  • After these claims have been accepted, then come the demands for changes in the Kafir’s nation.  Those who resist changes are called bigots, Islamophobes and racists, even though it is never made clear why resisting Political Islam has anything to do with race.
  • Once the Muslim population has reached a point of no return as far as deportation, then all aspects of Jihad apply: Military (terrorist attacks), economic, political, educational, and spiritual.

Question: What was the response of the Europeans? They demonstrated.

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Text Box: To show how far U.S. media would go to stay politically correct, CNN Reporter called the French terrorist "African American."

Closer to home

ThDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:ea:Desktop:Unknown.jpege attack in Paris was supposedly to defend the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is a clear signal from Muslims – if you offend our prophet then we will attack and take your freedom of speech. In the U.S. this movement now has legs as well under the umbrella of tolerance and respect.  An organization called Sound Vision has started fundraising conferences called Stand with the Prophet.  On January 17th, 2015 such conference was held in Garland, TX. It was held at a Garland ISD facility. Their aim is to fight Islamophobia. This is a clear signal in the U.S. that Muslims in America will start the media war against American citizens to silence them from criticizing Islam or its prophet. You would think the DFW media would do a better job then the national media of covering this event and its speakers.

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The local ABC news report covered the event, but never mentioned the list of the individuals who are speaking at the event. One of these speakers is Imam Saraj Wahhaj who has been named an unindicted co-conspirator of the World Trade center bombing of 1993. He has also been a frequent visitor to the White House in recent years. The conference organizers allowed the media to come in for twenty minutes and then kicked them out and held the meeting. Of course media outlets they disagree with were barred from entry such as Watters’ World with Fox News.

American Law for American Courts

For a number of years liberal judges have used Islamic Shariah law in civil cases in the U.S. for example – Florida circuit judge favors Shari’ah law in 2011. The question one must ask is this – why is it essential to protect American courts from Shariah Law? We can look at Europe to see examples of not protecting European laws in their courts.

Text Box: Germany: Sharia courts presided by Muslim “peace judges” now dot Germany, where even non-Muslim German judges in German courts cite Sharia law and quote from the Quran to uphold polygamy and husbands’ right to beat wives when judging cases involving Muslims.

AUSTRIA: In Austria, the government is convicting even non-Muslims of violating Sharia law. In 2011, Vienna High Court upheld the lower court conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for making this factual statement about Muhammad:
“We all know that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Now, what do we call this behavior if not pedophilia?”

TEXAS, U.S.A: Islamic Tribunal Using Sharia Law In Texas Has Been Confirmed.

Text Box: The website for the Islamic tribunal states: “It is with this issue that Muslims here in America are obligated to find a way to solve conflicts and disputes according to the principles of Islamic Law and its legal heritage of fairness and justice in a manner that is reasonable and cost effective.”  The four Islamic attorneys call themselves “judges” instead of “arbitrators.”

Dr. El-badawi (One of the judges) was asked what would happen if there is conflict between the laws of Texas and Sharia law. He responded that the laws are in agreement most of the time, but said that Sharia would take precedence out of the two in the tribunal.

We have been warning Churches and the American public that this day would come to America – that Shariah courts would be in our nation and now that day is here. Our concern is that most Americans either are not aware of this danger or don’t care. As a result, America seems to be weak in the eyes of the Islamists. We need to recognize the spiritual nature of this conflict and arm ourselves accordingly, Ephesians 6:12-17.  Islam indicates a spiritual void in America where religiosity has replaced the True Gospel. We must repent and turn to the Lord God Almighty and face Islam with the gospel of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ did not die for Islam, but He did die for the Muslims.

I encourage you to be in prayer for your Muslim neighbors, for our elected officials, for our nation, and most of all for the Church to get out of American Christianity and return to Biblical Christianity.  Please always remember, that we are fighting a winnable war. Jesus is on our side.

In His service,
Elijah Abraham