Church goersToday may be the toughest, most challenging show we have ever done on Stand Up For the Truth. The topic is highly emotional and it affects every person who has ever been born. It may also be the topic that Christians argue the most over: Salvation.

How is a man saved from eternal damnation? Does he have a choice in the matter? Or does God choose before time who He will save and who He will condemn? Can a man lose salvation once he receives it? Or is he eternally secure? If he is eternally secure, does that mean his ongoing sin is of no consequence before God? And this just scratches the surface…

Which doctrines and teachings of the Bible must a professing Christian believe and live out as proof of the salvation we claim? Which disagreements over Biblical doctrine can we allow and still embrace a person as “Christian”—and which disagreements should lead us to “mark and avoid”.

Today’s Episode:

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