ISIS executes 21

This morning a new report that ISIS has burned 45 Iraqi citizens to death.  It happened near the town of al-Baghdadi, a city that has now been taken over by ISIS. The local police chief Qasim al-Obeidi told the BBC that some of the dozens that were killed may be with the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), which has been fighting to push back the insurgency of ISIS jihadists.

Today as we cover these horrendous news stories, we’re talking about forgiveness and asking you to discuss it with us. Even after being scourged and nailed to a cross to die, Jesus forgave his executioners and those who mocked Him, saying, “they know not what they are doing.”  He asks us as His children to do the same.

Are we ever to have unforgiveness in our hearts? What about when it seems impossible, like those ISIS murderers who cut off the heads of 21 Egyptians a few days ago? We want to hear your thoughts on these questions.

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In our first segment, James K Walker is the president of Watchman Fellowship

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