SadWhat we cover is trends and movements in the visible church – especially those that we need to discern are not of the Lord – how do we do that? We compare the teachings to the Word of God like the Bereans did in Acts 17, and when necessary we do name names, and mark and avoid what does not line up with Scripture as we are told to do in the Bible. Watchman also warn of things coming that you might not know about so that you can be aware and prepare.

Today we’ll alert you to a tolerance tour of small town high schools and youth clubs across the nation by a traveling troupe: (see L.A.’s Gay Men’s Chorus to visit Appleton, Kaukauna, Menasha and Neenah high schools)– they are coming here locally in 2 weeks to high schools in the Fox Valley.

And more on the story of a pastor in Tennessee, who after 3 years of having dialog and conversations with homosexual members has now extended full membership privileges including wedding ceremonies. (see Nashville Evangelical Church Comes Out For Marriage Equality)

But up first, you might want to be prepared for something else happening in the world, and that is that once again we’re looking at the possibility of the financial rug being pulled out from under us. And our guest today says if – or rather when- this happens, it will be far worse than it was in 2008. Joining us for this segment is Doug Wakefield, president of Best Minds, Inc. Doug has been in the financial industry as an advisor for 29 years, the last 10 years focusing on research.

Today’s Episode:

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Joining us later in the program: author David Fiorazo has written a book called Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America.  Dave is also the host of our own Q90 Fm Radio’s Afternoon Traffic Jam, as well as a brand new program on Sunday mornings called Powered By Praise.