Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.35.04 AMHow is liberal hypocrisy is turning Truth into hate speech? Today we’re talking about racism, religious freedom and the cultural Marxism that is today’s political correctness.

About two years ago we had a Fox News reporter by the name of Steven Crowder on our program. He’d recently put together a video that’s gone viral, in which he visits a number of Muslim bakeries and tries to order a cake for a gay wedding.

Many of the bakers politely declined and sent him to other bakeries, which brings up an interesting point in light of the hypocrisy we are seeing in Indiana and across the United States. Is political correctness the greatest of hypocrisies?

Pastor Saiko Woods is from Sugar Land, Texas, to share his thoughts on challenges all pastor’s face these says.Pastor Woods has a Bible-based watchman radio ministry called His Word His Way, a hard-hitting show in which he fearlessly tackles some tough issues facing the Church. You can also connect with him on his very active Twitter Account!

Today’s Episode:

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