scoldToday we’re going to cover an interesting story about prayer, faith, scolding and fleecing the flock.  One popular Prosperity/name-it-claim-it pastor recently made a very public announcement that he is trusting God to give him a 65 million private jet. Today he is scolding all those Christians who criticized his campaign, and said that there’s no such thing as the prosperity gospel, that he knows God will give him that jet by grace.  But this theology is alive and well, and later we are going to talk about what  the Word of Faith prosperity gospel is, who teaches it and why it is unbiblical.

We’re also going to warn you about a popular daily devotional that many of you might be getting. Problem is, it calls the doctrine of the Trinity a man-made doctrine. (see, Red Alert: “The Berean/Bible Tools” is Non-Trinitarian)

Up first we’re going to turn our attention to another kind of scolding by our nation’s leaders. You’re going to see more rhetoric, more soundbites and more scolding by those who think you need to feel guilty for everything from the crusades to whatever the Westboro Baptists are protesting these days.

Joining us in our first segment is political pundit Robert Meyer. Robert writes for RenewAmerica, as well as several other media publications. You can check out his latest articles, including Obama shouldn’t use selective history to minimize current atrocities

Today’s Episode:

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