ISIS executes 21

Today we’ll be covering some breaking and alarming news: ISIS claims responsibility for Texas shooting, threatens more attacks.

Every day the news reports another story of senseless killing, terror and the murder of Christians.  Our flesh wants to lash out in vengeance–yet Jesus taught us In Matthew 5 to love, forgive and pray for our enemies.  As Christians we sometimes have a difficult time loving our brothers and sisters, much less our enemies.  Today on Stand Up For the Truth we discuss the difficult challenge of loving and forgiving our enemies–something Jesus said we must do to be His disciple.

Stoffel Family BenefitWe’re going to start with a local story that is rocking our small community up in northeast Wisconsin. A gunman who recently broke up with his girlfriend went to a local walking trail with two handguns. Of the hundred or so people there this past Sunday evening, the man shot a little girl, her father, her mother and another man as the girl’s two young siblings watched, and then the man turned the gun on himself.

Only the mother survived, and she faces a long road of recovery and grief.  But a friend of the family is reporting that her husband’s dying words asked his wife to forgive the shooter.

Today’s Episode:

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We also referenced this futuristic video today: