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The Founding Fathers of this nation realized the dangers of a powerful federal government.
From the establishment of the Constitution to the Bill of Rights to the insistence on States’ Rights, our founders realized that centralized power was an open door for corruption and tyranny. They knew that sinful men could not be trusted to do the right thing because power and greed are powerful lures that cannot be resisted by sinful man.
Since the Great Depression in 1929, the Federal Government has slowly forced the balance of power away from individual citizens and state governments to the Federal Government.
President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program in 1964 resulted in a massive shift of money and authority away from individual states to the Federal Government, in the name of stamping out poverty. It also federalized the public education of children.
In the 1970s President Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard, allowing the Federal Reserve to print massive amounts of money and debt with little to no accountability.
And after the horrendous 9/11 attacks, president George W. Bush passed The Patriot Act, which extended federal oversight and power over the police activities in our nation.
Today, Americans sit on the brink of economic, political and spiritual slavery. We are one tragic event away from seeing a massive power grab by a Federal Government that has enslaved us economically, is indoctrinating our children through public education, and morally corrupting our nation, insisting we worship men, not God.
If the Supreme Court decides to legalize homosexual marriage in July, it will be the end of the balance of powers between state and federal governments our founding fathers knew was essential to maintaining a Democratic Republic.
Our election process has become a joke. Apathetic voters who have allowed themselves to be enslaved by Federal handouts, combined with billions of dollars of special interest money from corporations, unions and special interest groups on the left and right, have turned our elections into nothing more than a power grab.
This nationalization of power combined with apathetic Americans who care more about their wallets than they do about the principles of God and those this nation were established on, have brought us to the brink of chaos.
Over the last two years we have witnessed rioting in cities over charges of police racism and brutality. Whether these charges are baseless or not, the outcry from the left for uniform Law Enforcement in our nation is an open invitation for a Nazi State in America. How long will it be until we see a nationalized police and military force patrolling our streets? Local Police forces are being brought under subjugation to the FBI and even the CIA in an attempt to ‘standardize” law enforcement, and I believe, take away any remaining rights we have as citizens.
The Progressives who call for national gun control and an outlawing of citizens rights to possess weapons are either knowingly or ignorantly stripping Americans of any line of defense we have against tyranny.
Sound bleak? Well it gets worse! Behind the scenes, the United Nations is consolidating power militarily, economically and socially. Agenda 21 is in place to control virtually every aspect of our life from education of our children to what a homeowner can grow on his own property.
There are reports out that international troops are holding joint military operations with United States troops right here in the US to prepare for Marshall Law one day.
American citizens are willingly ceding their rights as citizens given to them in the US Constitution all for the sake of “security”. The day of 9/11, I sat with my son who was in High School at the time and watched the tragedy unfold. He asked me a question: “Dad, is the world coming to an end?”
I assured him that it would not happen until Jesus Christ was ready to return one final time to establish His everlasting Kingdom. I also told him that I thought we would witness a fascinating social study moving forward. “How much freedom would the American people be willing to give up for the illusion of security?”
We have the rise of ISIS and murderous Islam masquerading as a religion of peace, and our government seems unable or unwilling to even recognize it as a threat. We are more than $70 trillion in debt, on the verge of an economic meltdown, and yet Americans and our government officials go about with business as usual.
California, the nation’s leading agricultural producer is in the middle of a drought that, if it does not end soon, will send food prices soaring.
The US Government, and its clandestine puppet master the United Nations, is preparing to set the stage for a one world government that will sneak up on us while we are sleeping.
And behind all of this is the fact that as prophesied in Romans 1, sinful man has been turned over to a debased mind by the God whose truth they have rejected.
Now a disclaimer: I could be way overstating the dangerous position I believe we currently find ourselves in. It could be hundreds of years yet before the final Anti-Christ appears to lead the world against Jesus Christ in the final battle of humanity.
But what if I and many others who agree with me, are not wrong? Are we as true Christians preparing our hearts for persecution? Are we praying and doing all we can to share the gospel with the lost people of this world? People who will literally lose their minds when they wake up one day and discover the “American Dream” is a sham and that it has been pulled out from underneath them?
It would be easy to look at all that is going on around us and tremble in fear. But the Word of God has foretold these things will happen—famines, economic collapse, wars and rumors of war and the hearts of sinful men being turned over to evil. Jesus told us only the Father knows the day of His return, but that we would know the season if we are wise and see the signs of the season.
But instead many of our churches want to ignore Biblical Prophecy and pretend everything will be just fine. Rather than preparing the sheep of Jesus Christ to observe and reject the world around us, we seem more content to embrace the world around us.
I am no prophet. I am just a simple man who loves God and His Word. But I think it is the definition of foolishness and arrogance to see everything happening around us and not recognize the final prophecies of the Bible about the end of the world as we know it are being fulfilled right before our eyes.
The Book of Revelation often carries a message from Jesus to the church: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches…” Well, I believe many Christians are choosing to cover their ears and just pretend the warnings are not coming to pass.
Jesus warned us in several places that He would return like a thief in the night—at a time when most people would not expect it. Well today we see economic collapse around the corner; spiritual collapse in the world and even in many churches; and people carrying on like the times of Noah before the Flood—living without a care about the times we live in—times we are warned about by God Himself.
So Americans, just go on living on borrowed time and money. Go on engaging in the spiritual debauchery that has become American society. We buy hook, line and sinker all the lies the government and media tell us about the economy and radical Islam.
And churches keep on preaching “Jesus is love” in place of the gospel of Jesus that calls men to confession and repentance. Let’s just buy the lie that when Jesus returns it will be all ‘seashells and balloons’—that he will come to save all men.
He returns—and I believe soon—to destroy evil and vanquish unrepentant sinners to eternal damnation! He will rescue the righteous in Christ—but to the vast majority of those alive in these sinful times—He returns as a Righteous Judge to condemn the wicked who loved this world more than the One who came to save and judge the world.
Yes, I know that message doesn’t fill your church pews or help you meet your financial needs churches and ministries. The message will not help you be seen as the nice guy. You will be hated by the world when you have the courage to stand up and proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ! He is not only the kind, loving, gentle Son of God who was a tender-hearted servant. He is also The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords and one day soon every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of All!
But for many that confession will come too late. And Whoa to the Pharisees of our times that love their power and prestige more than the truth; whoa to the professing Christian who in reality loves this world more than they love the One who will judge this world.
To he has an ear, let him hear what Jesus is saying to the churches of our days. He is coming soon like a thief in the night. And if we are not ready, we will have an eternity of hell to consider the foolishness of our lives.