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A growing number of professing Christians are letting go of the doctrine that the Bible is all true. In fact a growing number also want to see a homosexual president in office!  We’ll have those survey results later in the program…but that first one is very concerning as we hope to pass on the hope we have to the next generation.  Everything we believe as Christians rests on the assumption that the Bible is actually the inspired, error-free Word of God. But how do we know that it is?  Most Christians cannot defend this belief.  Are we to exercise blind faith, or is there a great body of evidence supporting this crucial point?

Today we are joined by Jay Seegert, an author, international speaker and co-founder of the  Creation Education Center. Jay knows well the attacks on God’s Word, and has been on the front lines shining light of Truth for many years. He is the author of a great resource book titled, Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?

Jay will be in Appleton, WI at the Calvary Chapel Creation Conference June 27.

Today’s Episode:

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