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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was were no deceptive movements disguising themselves as Biblical Christianity these days?  If we could turn on Christian television and not worry about deception disguised as “truth”.  If we could enjoy a Saturday morning without that knock on the door bringing another religious cult member wanting to tell you how you are being deceived by the Bible?  If we could go to a movie posing as “Christian” without worrying about subtle lies undermining the truth of the Word of God?

Well those days are long gone and joining us this morning to discuss dangerous cults and movements is James Walker of  This morning we discuss The watchtower Society, the upcoming movie “The Shack” and the growing Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel movement we see everywhere on Christian television. Joining us is James K Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship

Watchman Fellowship is an apologetics and discernment ministry that provides research and evaluation on cults, the occult, and new religious movements from a traditional Christian perspective. Rev. Walker is directly involved with evangelism and apologetics in a variety of related fields including Mormonism, the New Age Movement, Armstrongism, Satanism and the occult.

He speaks at churches and universities throughout the world, and evangelizes to the lost at Jehovah’s Witnesses’ conventions, Mormon temple openings and New Age events.

Because of his background and love for those lost in the cults and alternative religions, James Walker has invested his life into reaching them with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. His desire is to work together with local churches to evangelize those in the cults and to bring them into healthy, Bible-centered churches.

Check out the new web app James’ ministry has developed as a resource.

Today’s Episode:

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