Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is a former air-traffic controller and a creation apologist speaker who teaches how to defend the Bible against scientific naturalism. He was one of the founding board members for Answers in Genesis, and has been described by AiG as one of their most dynamic lecturers on the Book of Genesis After serving with Answers in Genesis for over 15 years, Carl became the Founder and President of Reasons for Hope.

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We are seeing the visible, modern “church” cave to the desires of the world at breakneck speed. Whether it’s a church leader calling on pastors and denominations to accept homosexuality as the new normal, as Red Letter Christian Tony Campolo did yesterday, or a growing number of leaders saying the Book of Genesis is just a bunch of stories made up, and that Jesus didn’t really believe all that stuff anyway.

What say you, Church? Are you a part of the Bride of Christ that shines His love and truth no matter how hard it gets, or are you a part of the accepting, neo-tolerant church system?

Our children are now weapons of mass instruction for those who not only don’t believe God’s Word is true, they want to deconstruct that truth in younger generations.

Today we are talking about whether we can trust the Word of God. The latest tools that the enemy is using to create doubt is evolution and the age of the earth. But those who know what the agenda really is – undermining the Word of God – we can better understand what God really said.

Our guest in this first segment is Carl Kerby, president and founder of an organization called Reasons For Hope, a ministry with a mission is to equip believers to understand and share the Word of God. Carl is an apologist for two decades who believes equipping in evangelism is sorely lacking in the visible church today.

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