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The Bible teaches us that Christian fellowship is crucial to our lives as believers.  In this “market/consumer driven” era in which we live church hopping has become the norm as a growing number of professing Christians seek comfort over growth.  We would rather have a church that fits our lifestyle than be in a fellowship that challenges us to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ.

But many churches are equally to blame.  For some “success” has a new and dangerous barometer:  “Nickels and Noses”.  It’s all about how many people attend our church or how much money we take in instead of facilitating the spiritual growth of members in the Body of Christ.

Deciding on a Church Fellowship to belong to should be a crucial decision sought in prayer and discernment.  Instead the choice is often made based on our convenience.

Some people will leave their church over the most selfish of reasons; others will stay regardless of how worldly the church is becoming.  When to stay or when to leave?  Joins us this morning as we discuss this challenge with Pastor Mike Abendroth.

Today’s Episode:

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