Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.35.58 PMWe’ve been talking to a lot of pastors and church leaders over the past several months about the things to come. There is growing pressure from the gay lobby and from the government for churches to watch what they say and how they operate when it comes to performing gay marriages. A few weeks ago President Obama told churches they should follow Pope Francis’ lead and focus more on helping the poor, instead of focusing on divisive issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Many feel that churches will be penalized – perhaps losing their 501c3 status if they don’t take the politically correct route, with big fines to follow, and worse.

Today we’re taking on two seemingly unrelated topics – but the dots will be connected. Later on, many of you are facing or will face a big dilemma: Should you attend the wedding of a gay couple if they are close to you? One popular pastor in California says yes for two reasons: To show them Christian love and because Jesus dined with sinners. He is taking a lot of heat, and rightfully so.

But first, our other topic. Government pressure and the almighty dollar that many worship. For Christians, will we cave? And do we even understand the inner workings of an economy gone haywire?

Joining us in the first segment is Doug Wakefield, president of Best Minds, Inc. Doug has been in the financial industry as an advisor for 29 years, the last 10 years focusing on research.

Be sure to search Doug’s articles we talked about today: The Yuan Stops Here. You can also connect with him on his Living 2024 blog.

Today’s Episode:

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