Everyone from the Pope, to the President of the United States, to the United Nations, to many Evangelical Christian leaders, have been calling for world unity and peace.  And while the words “unity” and “peace” are appealing, one must look behind the scenes and ask just what would that “unity and peace” look like?  And who exactly is really behind the call to peace and unity?  What does God’s Word say about attempts of humanity to “unite” and achieve much?

Joining us this morning to discuss the universal call for peace, unity and religious unity is Carl Teichrib.  Carl has researched calls for spiritual and worldly unity for decades.  Who are the major players and are they even aware of who is the driving force behind the call to world unity?

Carl Teichrib is a Canadian based researcher on the occult and globalization. He has been instrumental in Gary Kah’s Hope For The World ministry where he has seen first hand what global change agents are planning in their summits and conferences for the future of humanity.

You can visit his website at, where you’ll find numerous articles on Uniting Religions for World Change: The G8 World Religions Summit.

Today’s Episode:

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