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A new video gone viral has shown a Planned Parenthood official casually discussing how to crush a baby during an abortion procedure in order to preserve and sell its lungs, liver and other pieces, all while gobbling down a salad.

The undercover pro-life activists are to be commended for exposing the truth of this horrendous practice we’ve come to accept as a normal part of American policy, and churches don’t even want to talk about it because it’s “too political.”  When we merchandise baby body parts, we are merchandising our very souls. What has happened to this once great nation? I think you know the answer. Joining us to talk about it today is our guest Scott Alan Buss.

Today’s Episode:

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We’re also sharing a letter today from one of our listeners who made the painful decision to close up his shop because of the increasing hostility he has faced as a Christian in the creative arts wedding industry.