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The visible church certainly has some challenges these days with the legality of same sex marriage and a culture of sin becoming more acceptable in the pews, and even in some who shepherd the flock. But wait, there’s more. There is a dramatic push in our schools to indoctrinate boys and girls as young as four that there is no such thing as just girls and boys, that gender can mean anything you feel. (Please see, Shocking gender indoctrination in California: VIDEO.)

The erasing of gender lines is what the feminist movement has wanted since the 1960s, and more people today are growing up more confused than ever.

But there is good news: It’s possible to break free of the bondage of homosexual attraction and gender confusion, when we’re born again in Jesus Christ! Today our special guest Ruth Christian joins us in studio to talk about her own journey out of a lesbian lifestyle, and how God is using her to offer His hope to others. Ruth’s ministry is called Bridge Of Hope.

If you know of someone struggling, Bridge of Hope can help equip you for one-on-one ministry to those who identify as homosexual, helping them to find liberation from homosexuality through Christ.

Ruth also encourages and equips churches to be a place for this healing process to take place through discipleship and fellowship. She is also the author of the book, Love Flowed Down: It Was For Me. Check out the ministry Facebook page!

Ruth’s full testimony can be heard here and here.

Today’s Episode:

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