sin in the camp

As we continue to share news and warn Christians against the challenges we increasingly face in a world more and more hostile to God, there is one inescapable conclusion we reach: the Church is supposed to be the remedy for what ails this world. We are to share the good news of Jesus Christ to a world lost and condemned without Him.

The Church is supposed to fight against the Humanist culture—not embrace it. But instead we live in a time when it seems the visible church is falling all over ourselves to embrace the very things the Bible warns us to avoid. We failed to speak out against the evil of abortion in 1973 and the results? More than 50 million children murdered under the guise of “freedom of choice”. And now the Supreme Court has imposed a definition of marriage that God calls an abomination. The response from many Christian leaders: A resounding thud of silence.

A question we frequently ask is this: Who is to blame primarily? The weak leaders who refuse to speak out against sin? Or those of us who elevate these leaders to positions of power because we want to feel good about ourselves and be “saved” yet continue to sin? The answer: We share equally in the blame!

Today’s Episode:

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