The Next Leaders in the Church

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Every generation tends to look at the previous one and sees issues and problems they are determined to fix.  There is a natural human seed of rebellion in us that tells us the older generation is backwards thinking and steeped in tradition–and that “our” generation will get things right.
But as the Word of God has been ignored and discounted–even by some “Christian” leaders–are we about to see a new generation of church leaders rise that will fully embrace new age theology, universal salvation and other dangerous views the Bible warns us about?  Is it too late to build the next generation of leaders as ones who will trust the Word of God instead of “rewrite it” to reflect their human sense of right and wrong?
Joining us this morning to discuss this is Pastor and Author Gary Gilley.  Gary will also share some of the wisdom of God’s Word in the Book of James.
He is known for his research books like This Little Church Went To Market: The Church in the Age of Modern Entertainment, and his brand new book is titled, Out of Formation: Spiritual Disciplines of God and Men.
Dr. Gilley is a pastor at Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois since 1975. He is also the author and editor of the bimonthly contemporary theological issues publication Think on These Things . In addition to speaking at various conferences throughout the USA and overseas, he serves on the advisory board of New Tribes Mission and on the executive boards of Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission and Personal Freedom Outreach. He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and Cambridge Graduate School, both in the U.S.

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