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About a year ago, we compiled a list of resources for those who are alarmed by their church leadership’s affiliation with the Willow Creek Association.  Why did we do this? Because the Willow Creek model was developed by a non-Christian business guru named Peter Drucker, who also shaped Saddleback Church and Leadership Network. And that’s just the birth of a movement that has re-shaped the modern church into a progressive liberal hotbed of unscriptural theology.

Willow Creek’s founding pastor Bill Hybels has not said one word about one of his Willow Creek worship leaders has said that he is openly homosexual, is attending gay pride events and apologizing for the Church, and speaking at a Matthew Vines conference designed to get churches on board with the gay agenda.  A local pastor has penned a letter of concern to Wisconsin’s WCA members, which you can read.

Joining us today is pastor Chris Quintana, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. You can listen to his live sermons each Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening as he teaches verse-by-verse through the Scriptures.

Today’s Episode:

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