The collapse of a nation, an economy—or even a religion can happen in a couple different ways. Sometimes there is a single catastrophic event that destroys the foundation of institutions—but often it is years of smaller attacks at the foundation of institutions that eventually cause a collapse from within—or collapse from a relatively small event—sort of a “straw that breaks the camel’s back” event.

The United States—the greatest, most powerful nation in the history of the world—seems to be undergoing a string of attacks and self-inflicted wounds that some feel will signify the end of our nation as a world leader and power:

*An economy that has become addicted to borrowing.
*A government that has become blood thirsty for money and power.
*Citizens that overspend for today at the risk of tomorrow.
*Citizens that are becoming more and more dependent on government to provide for us.

The visible Christian Church in America actually seems to be following a very similar trend of events that some feel will also lead to its collapse.

  • Many professing Christians have become addicted to pleasures today instead of building treasures in heaven as Jesus told us to.
  • Many churches have a thirst for growth in numbers and finances—instead of real spiritual growth of members who desire God to transform them into people of holiness.
  • Christians are more interested in what God can do for them regarding worldly pleasures—instead of applying “delayed gratification”—giving up things of this world to glorify God and attain greater reward by walking in obedience and holiness.
  • And many Christians are becoming more dependent on Pastors and leaders for their theology instead of taking the time to be in the Word of God and on our knees in prayer, seeking God’s truth and will for us.

There are many events and unbiblical beliefs that are chipping away at the Evangelical Church in America. George Barna Research recently did a comprehensive poll on what Christians believe about homosexual marriage and the recent Supreme Court ruling:

The numbers are quite frankly shocking! A growing number of professing Christians actually applaud the Supreme Court ruling and approve of it—and even more shocking, a growing number of them actually believe God approves of allowing homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

A tactic used by the radical homosexual movement is actually a very effective one: If Christians would just meet homosexuals, they would find they are very nice people—and Christians would begin to sympathize with their beliefs. The tactic is working. I have mentioned for two years now that I thought the legalization of homosexual marriage in our nation was inevitable—and that Christians should be in prayer with how we respond when it is legal. What has been the response so far?

Most of our mega-church pastors are totally silent on the issue. We need to ask ourselves this question: “Why are pastors like Rick warren, Bill Hybels and Joel Osteen choosing to remain silent?” The answer to me is simple: Because they have a lot to lose by speaking out.

They have built huge churches on tolerance and a theological mistake that says “Jesus accepts people just as they are.” But in reality Jesus loved people in spite of their sinful natures—but demanded a change in heart and mind of unrepentant sinners.

Never once did Jesus ever give an impression that He was fine with people continuing to sin. Not once. He came and reinforced the command of John the Baptist and the Bible: REPENT!

The true Church—The Bride of Christ—will never be destroyed—Jesus promised that. But the recent Supreme Court ruling is an instrument of God to separate true believers from the phony chaff that really worships the things of this world instead of the Creator of all things.

We are seeing the beginning of God separating the wheat from the chaff. Is God preparing for the rapture of His true Church?

In Revelation Chapter 2—the letters to the churches—each one is warned the same way: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” It will be very interesting to see which “spirit” the churches in America listen to in the coming weeks and months. The Spirit of God who calls us to holy, righteous living and an unashamed proclamation of the Gospel of salvation? Or the “spirit” of this world—Satan—who says “Did God really say?”