Today in our program we are going to spend some time asking you to consider the enormous influence of one megachurch empire on the Visible Church:  That global organization is Hillsong, known not only for its music and its millions of fans and members around the world, but its slide down a Word of Faith path into even more troubling waters. Now, it’s NYC church’s choir director has announced his homosexual marriage to another Hillsong choir member.

(NOTE: Hillsong released its press release after airtime. Statement here)

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.24.15 AMThe headlines that follow prolific Hillsong leader Brian Houston, who pastors the Australian branch and is this year’s Global Leadership Summit speaker, to his American counterpart and rockstar Carl Lentz, who embraces homosexual couples in his NYC church not to disciple them, but to appoint them to leadership positions and to seemingly flaunt his cool relevance and grow his church. That’s coming up in about 20 minutes.

In our first segment we’ve got a special guest in studio with us: Dave Bell, who, along with his wife Jen gave up the easy life in America to spread the gospel in the troubled country of Kenya.

There they have been missionaries in Kenya for more than a decade, where they show the love of Jesus Christ and share His hope by taking in and nurturing abandoned babies and vulnerable children. Dave is president and managing director of  Mahali pa Maisha, Swahili for “A Place of Life.” You can also connect with the Bells on Facebook.