sin in the camp

It says so on every U.S. paper currency:  “In God We Trust”.  Well, some experts are warning that we might be facing an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is on that statement.  World Stock Markets closed down significantly last week and the early indications this morning is another bad day for the stock market.  China, the world’s second largest economy might be on the brink of implosion, and the massive debt and speculative investment of many U.S. investors might be catching up with us.

On top of all this, some Christian and secular economists have been warning for years that September 2015 would see a major shaking in economic markets.  Those who have been dismissing these warnings are now beginning to scratch their heads and wonder.

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Where does all this uncertainty leave us as committed followers of Jesus Christ?  Where it should leave us is unshaken, remaining focused on God and not the things of this world.  But do our fears belie our brave words?  Not surprisingly, the Word of God has a lot to say about the love of money–and maybe it is time we start taking God’s warnings very seriously.  Join us at 9am central this morning as we talk Christianity, money and potential economic collapse with author Dave Fiorazo.