cindy-hartlineOur guest today is Love for the Truth Radio‘s host, Cindy Hartline. Cindy is a radio host, Bible researcher, teacher, author, conference host, speaker and ministry founder who came to know the Lord in 1977 and has served in various churches and ministries since. Along with her husband Richard, the Hartlines founded Seed Of Hope Ministries in 1996, the auspices for their many ministries: Star Kids Christian Performing Arts School, Praz Jam Concerts, Praz Jam Live (Radio-WZZD Philadelphia/Salem), Teens On A Mission, SOH Bible & Arts Institute (through ICBT), CLA Network-Chrisitan Leaders Association Network, the Discerning Ministries Group on Facebook and Love For The Truth Radio. Cindy is also the author of Teens On A Mission, a curriculum that encourages the teen to find his/her identity in Christ first and then pursue what God has called he/she to do.

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The Church today faces a barrage of attacks on many fronts and discernment ministry can be, at times, overwhelming. We know the work we do here at Stand Up For The Truth is important, both for those in church leadership and for the laity. The Body of Christ needs to know that we can stand firm and trust in God’s Word, even when that becomes increasingly unpopular in the public square.