J.D. Greear: How I dumped the mega-church model

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Emergent Church, Evangelism | 6 comments

From FoxNews.com

J.D. Greear is Lead Pastor of the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Author of ‘Gospel.’ Not ‘the’ gospel, but a book about it.

“Each year, the “nones” in our society (those who check “none” for religious affiliation) grow at an astounding rate. Some have used those statistics to declare the end of the American church. And while this fear of secularism is a bit overblown, the stats do raise an essential point: Churches that want to reach ‘nones’ read to retool. “Nones” do not saunter their way back into church because a particular pastor is super-engaging, the music is cool, or the guest services are Disney-esque. “Nones” feel like the church is a separate world in which they have no part.”
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