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“Pastors should be preaching on the major social issues of our times like abortion and homosxuality!”  “I only teach Christ crucified and risen.”

A recent study by Barna and Associates says 60% of Christians want pastors to address more social issues from the pulpit, preparing Christians for the cultural battles going on today.  Others say that a pastor should just concentrate on teaching the Word of God and not get involved in the issues of our times.

Today, we discussed the Barna research findings and would love to get your opinions on the subject: “And two out of three of them (67 percent) said that they want their church to provide them with more information – more Biblical teachings – about the issues that are so important in this election.”

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What are those issues? Abortion, religious freedom and persecution; sexual identity issues and same-sex marriage; Israel, poverty, and cultural restoration.

One reason some pastors do not speak about anything appearing controversial goes all the way back to the 1954 The Johnson Amendment which many see as a hindrance to free speech in America. Did this cause religious leaders to self-censor their sermons due to fear of the IRS or out of ignorance of the law?

In the first segment of today’s program, we also discussed Atheism, agnosticism, and humanism with James Walker of  How can we understand the perspective and “beliefs” of professed atheists so we might share the truth and hope of Jesus Christ with them?