What the Heck is ‘Climate Justice’ and Agenda 2030?

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Best of!, Environmentalism, Podcast | 7 comments

Mike and Dave just talked yesterday about growing persecution of Christians in America and we went on air this morning with heavy hearts as news broke about Christians being targeted and murdered yesterday in a small community in Oregon. A disturbed man went in to a community college and systematically murdered people who identified themselves as Christians.  Is this tragedy a sign of things to come as Christians are marginalized and wrongly accused of being hateful?
We also need to address what many experts feel is a huge program that will usher in a one world government–right under our noses.  Agenda 2030, the United Nation’s latest attempt to transform the world and bring it under its power is up and running. Joining us to discuss this is Bill Jasper of The New American.

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Jasper stated:

As The New American has reported many times previously, contrary to the ongoing governmental and media bombast, the satellite temperature records show that there has been no measurable global warming for more than 18 years! This fact that the planet has not been warming now for nearly two decades has been grudgingly acknowledged by even many of the top AGW alarmist individuals and institutions, which is why they switched from “global warming” to “climate change” a few years ago…
The Guardian, Britain’s ultra-leftwing daily newspaper (and a hardcore AGW alarmist organ), reported that the newly released Geneva text represented an advance for “climate justice,” a term used by enviro-Marxists to demand massive transfers of wealth from the taxpayers of the developed nations to the corrupt governments of the less-developed nations, for the supposed damages inflicted by global warming.

For those who have been following the ongoing antics of the UN climate agitators, it is clear that the real objective is to use the manufactured panic over “climate change” and to stampede support for complete economic and political “transformation,” which essentially means less freedom for the people and more control by the power-grabbing, subversive U.N.
While some of its goals sound worthy, its methods will enslave all of humanity under the thumb of oppression–and establish the system that the anti-Christ will use to consolidate power and cause the world to worship him.
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