Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.26.44 AM“It takes a village to raise a child”.  These infamous words were spoken by Hillary Clinton nearly 20 years ago as a way to push, among other things, federal education standards for all American children.  Now we have “Common Core”…and some experts are sounding the alarm that there is much more behind it than “educational standards”.

Many believe Common Core is nothing more than a power grab by the Federal Government to wrestle away educational agendas from local school boards and put an end to home schooling and private education–you know, mass indoctrination.

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On today’s program, Dr. Duke Pesta, an avid critic of Common Core and nationalized education, joins us.  Dr. Pesta has been on the front lines speaking out and fighting against the Common Core agenda. Check out the extensive information available at Freedom Project Education.

We discuss the very latest in the campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of Common Core!

Here are some questions Dr. Pesta answers for us:

How many American parents still either don’t know about Common Core or still don’t think government would force its way into the states when it comes to education curriculum?

Didn’t they try to push through national history standards in the 1990’s but it was voted down almost unanimously because they were so politically correct?

They refer to Common Core as “State Standards.” With a millions of dollars coming from the Bill Gates Foundation and the fact the standards were written in conjunction with the U.S. Dept. of Education, can you please explain why this is a federal initiative rather than state-led?

What about UNESCO and the United Nations involvement in American education? Didn’t UNESCO try to influence American school standards in the 1970s? What’s their interest?

Is it true billions of dollars from the 2009 economic stimulus were used to persuade states to adopt the standards?

Why did it seem like there was such little resistance to Common Core when the standards were first implemented?

How is Common Core a threat to our basic freedoms, including a student’s private information as well as his or her family?

What advice can you give to parents who have students in public schools and are just now learning more of the problems with Common Core?


“kNOw Common Core” Event with Dr. Duke Pesta; Saturday morning, October 31st in Green Bay,

N.E.W. Lutheran School, 8:30 AM until Noon – N.E.W. Lutheran High School 1311 South Robinson St. Green Bay WI 54311

The Wisconsin Conservative Coalition is sponsoring a “kNOw Common Core” free public forum to share information about Common Core, a federalization of your child’s school. More information: 920-725-3293

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