The world around us is deteriorating rapidly.  Our children are being taught about things that are downright sinful and evil.  Yet we are not called to hunker down and disengage from the world–we are called to be light and salt and ambassadors for Jesus Christ. But how do we do this without partnering with the bad things of this world?

Perhaps no day of the year presents this dilemma more clearer than Halloween.  Should we participate on a limited basis in order to share the gospel and hope of Christ?  Or should we completely avoid a holiday built on pagan ritual? We discuss the history and influence of the occult and witchcraft on Halloween and on our celebrations in America.

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First segment: we are joined by author, William Murray, of The Religious Freedom Coalition to discuss the continued imprisonment, torture and murder of Christians in the Middle East by the evil known as ISIS. Here is a link to a page with info on Christmas for refugees. (check out the short video on the right)

Also – Halloween & harmless entertainment?

A few scriptures:

1 John 4:1-3

Deuteronomy 18:9-12

1 Samuel 28:6-20

Malachi 3:12

1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

Here’s some food for thought: Public schools do not allow Christianity to be taught or promoted. However, they accept the religions of atheism, Humanism, evolution, environmental extremism (earth worship), Buddhism, Islam, and of course the religion of Wicca – the practice of witchcraft. Kids have sat through readings of the Harry Potter books, watched the movies during class instruction times, and have even discussed the details of casting spells. Someone may argue Wicca is not a religion and Harry Potter has nothing to do with the occult.

First, on the bottom of its home page, the Church of the Wiccan Interfaith Council (aka Wiccan Interfaith Council International) describes itself as a “nonprofit religious, educational, and charitable organization” holding a 501(c)(3) status with the federal government as a “church or conventions or association of churches.”

Second, even many well-meaning parents have said, “at least the kids are reading,” as if to imply the occult influence in Harry Potter is not as blatant and reprehensible as so much of what we see in culture today. This argument merely shifts the line of acceptance which most always leads to compromise…



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