One thing we know for sure:  The Word of God is eternal truth and teaches us everything we need to know about God, sinful man, and salvation and sanctification through Jesus Christ alone.  But some of the particulars of the Word of God are not always easy to understand; and because we are still humans with limited minds we will disagree on particulars of the Word on some issues.

Disagreeing is fine, but being contentious, legalistic and judgmental of one another is not.  “Contending for the faith” is encouraged; throwing one another under the bus for disagreements on relatively minor doctrinal disagreements is frowned upon in the Word.

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This morning we talk with Pastor Mike Abendroth (No Compromise Radio) about applying the whole truth of God’s Word to our lives and how we should interact with other believers when we have differing opinions on scriptural interpretations.

His new book, Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise  is available to preorder now.

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