Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.33.08 PMKJV; NKJV; NASB; ESV; NIV; and on and on.  We have dozens of Bible translations to choose from when we read the Word.  Some are “word for word”; some are “thought for thought”; and there are a growing number of paraphrase books like The Message and others that vie for our attention.

How vital is the translation we choose to read from?  Is this a matter of crucial importance?  Or a matter of convenience?  Pastor Randy White joins us at 9am Central this morning for some insight.

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We will also continue to dissect the “prosperity preaching” movement that is sweeping America and being presented as the “gospel” in Africa and Asia.  What are the dangers in a teaching that sounds so encouraging and full of hope?  Are professing Christians who claim worldly health and prosperity in the name of Jesus setting themselves up for disappointment and possibly even abandoning their faith if things turn bad?