Our nation is more polarized than ever.  Politicians cannot seem to agree on much and seem more interested in gaining power than in doing the right thing.  The nation is splintering on social, economic, racial and political lines–and the people we elect seem unwilling or powerless to do anything about it.

The Christian Church in America–the institution that is supposed to be the moral and spiritual check for the nation–seems to be only marginally better at times.  We are beset with our own problems and polarization as many professing Christians choose human morality over the clear teachings of the Word of God.  Both institutions seems to be facing the same dilemma–“judicial activism” if you will.

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Politically progressives continue to shred the U.S. Constitution claiming the Founding Fathers are antiquated in their thought and unable to anticipate life in 21st century America.  While Christian “activists” increasingly take the same view on the Bible–that it is an antiquated set of writings that couldn’t possibly have anticipated the problems and challenges of life in the 21st century.

Is there a way back from the brink of anarchy and moral decay?  Or are we seeing the first act of a very sad play that shows the death of a once great nation and a turning away from God by many who profess themselves to be His?  We’ll explore “judicial and biblical activism” with Robert Meyer of Renew America this morning.

Article: Judicial activism leads to despotism