Deception is everywhere–in politics, media, government and education–and sometimes it even seeps into the professing Christian church.

The apostle Paul warns us that people go from bad to worse–being deceived and then deceiving others.  So how do we guard our hearts as Christians against all the deception going on out there?

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Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach joins us this morning to talk ‘deception” and the anecdote for it.


From Don’s article:

“These obviously oppressed college students seem to be operating on the idea that they have a right to be protected from being offended, even to the point that none of their viewpoints should be challenged, and opposing views should be forcibly suppressed.

May God forgive these young people, and wake them out of their stupor. We all know that they have been brainwashed, undoubtedly in large part by the very campuses they are now demonizing.”

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