Giving Your 6-Year-Old Kid The Car Keys

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Best of!, Church Leadership, Podcast | 1 comment

Just what type of Church and nation are we handing over to our children?  And are they prepared to be our next leaders?  Just where will they lead us?
These questions point to some alarming concerns when we look at the condition of America’s youth as a whole.  They have been indoctrinated into a belief system that says they are automatically something special; that they have a right to not be offended; that truth is what they believe it is, not reality; and that the Bible is a dusty old book written by crotchety old men who were more concerned with rules and power rather than peace and love.  And not only will some of these clueless youth soon lead our nation–they will probably be leading your local church one day.

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Is there time to turn this dangerous trend around?  Or are the cows out of the barn and our fate in America sealed?  How do we get a generation who on the whole is clueless about God and truth turned back to His ways and Word?
Dave Wager of Nicolet Bible Institute joins us at 9am this morning to discuss the challenge we face as we “turn over the keys” to the next generation of drivers in our church and nation.