The American Dream:  Financial prosperity; Land of the free; one nation under God; American “exceptionalism”.  Nice sounding platitudes that seem more like whistling past the graveyard with each passing year.  Let’s take a reality check for a moment:

America is $80 trillion dollars in debt with all things considered.  The financial markets are being artificially propped up by the printing of money and zero percent interest rates.  America has allowed 55 million babies to be murdered in the womb through ‘choice’.  Marriage has been redefined by a “Supreme” Court that thinks it sits higher than God.  And Islam is the fastest growing religion in our nation, infiltrating prison systems, public education and our borders through legal and illegal immigration.  Islam that is being driven by a radical mindset that Christians are an enemy that should either be enslaved or killed.  Can you say “recipe for disaster”?

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In the midst of the growing national chaos and rejecting of God and His Word stands the Christian Church.  Yet many feel the church is not prepared–or even acknowledging–what is happening around us.  Are professing Christians prepared if America as we have known it comes unhinged?

This morning, David Fiorazo and I look at the changing landscape of America and ask the question “Is the Church preparing Christians for the days ahead?”

In the first segment, we discuss the American economy from a Christian perspective with financial expert, Doug Wakefield.



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