The Supreme Court, in a moment of judicial insanity, mandates that homosexuals have the protected right to marry in spite of God’s definition of marriage–a man and a woman.  And yet most of our church leaders are silent.  But then again we have been silent on sexuality for hundreds of years on the subject, causing many Christians to “figure it out on their own” instead of learning what God has to day on the subject. Believe it or not, God has plenty to say about it!

But why the silence from most of our pulpits?  Why are so many Christian men who truly love God and their wives bound by the chains of pornography?  Why are our children being ripped from their Christian faith over the issue of sexuality?  And how long will we continue to just stick our heads in the sand and ignore the topic of Christians and sexuality?

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Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio addresses the subject in his latest book “Sexual Fidelity”, and joins us on air this morning to talk about this crucial subject.