The Bible teaches us that when sin entered into the world through Adam, death and suffering became a part of humanity.  We live in a fallen world and every one of us faces adversity at times.  Financial problems; sickness and disease; death of loved ones.  As Christians we are not immune to the troubles of this world.

But as the world around us turns more and more away from God–and hates the One he sent–many think we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Christian persecution and murder are rampant in the Middle East and even here in America Christians are being marginalized and facing increased discrimination.  How do we spiritually prepare for whatever God allows us to go through in the coming years, personally and as a Church?

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Dave Wager joins us at 9am to discuss his book “Beyond the Resistance: Learning to Face Adversity”.  Dave and Silver Birch Ranch are currently going through a time of trial and he will share how God is using these difficult times to show His glory and faithfulness.  We will also look at how Nehemiah overcame resistance to obey and glorify God in tough times.