Hundreds in France were either murdered or maimed by ISIS thugs who use a false deity to usher in worldwide domination through intimidation and brutality.  In the meantime Europe and America prepare to welcome tens of thousands more Muslim immigrants including many radicalized young men ready to kill more “infidels”.

If you are waiting for major Muslim leaders to condemn these attacks, don’t hold your breath.  And if you are waiting for younger Christians in America to wake up and make the distinction once and for all between the false deity of Islam (Allah) and the One True God of the Bible–well, you may be waiting a long time.  Have we allowed “tolerance” and a “love wins” mentality to become the hallmark of American Christianity instead of biblical truth?

And our younger Christians–through a lackadaisical church and public education (indoctrination)–often cannot distinguish truth from what they “feel” and believe.

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Pastor Randy White joins us to discuss the rise of socialism and tolerance in the visible church in America–and why we are being unfaithful to Jesus and the Gospel when we embrace socialism and tolerance instead of truth.

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Communist – Pastor Randy White video…

This presentation is an attack on the growing mindset of socialism in the church, and the movements that misuse Scripture to show that we should live a communal lifestyle. I can give a little history that shows how we’ve been purposefully the “frog in the kettle.”

One of the Scripture passages cited:

Now if any man builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it because it is to be revealed with fire, and the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work. If any man’s work which he has built on it remains, he will receive a reward. If any man’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire. 1 Corinthians 3:12-15

Also 2 Peter 3:18 (scroll over)

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