Three weeks ago we had a former Muslim, now born again believer share his experience and expertise in helping Christians understand the differences between Islam and Biblical Christianity, and teaching us how to share the Gospel with Muslims.  The Conference was free–and a total of 100 people showed up.

On the same weekend Theresa Caputo, the self-proclaimed “Long Island Medium” was in Green Bay and nearly 3,000 people paid up to $70 a ticket to hear her ‘teach” how we can connect with the spirit world and dead relatives.  This is in a community that claims to be 95% “christian”.

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Today we look at some of the things Caputo claims to be able to do–channel dead spirits, connect us with dead relatives, tap into karma, “automatic writing”–and the Biblical response to each.  We are joined by James Walker of to try to understand why so many people–including self-professed “Christians”–fall for something so demonic and evil.