I often wonder when the leaders of The Roman Empire realized “It’s over”.  The most powerful empire in the history of the world cut into pieces and destroyed through moral, social, political and economic turmoil.  Do we in America have a clue about what could be happening to us as we mock God and rely on our own “American exceptionalism”?

We continue our look this week at “It Could Never Happen in America”, and today we discuss economics.  Our nation is close to $100 trillion in debt when you count unfunded mandates for social security and pensions–and spiraling more into debt with each passing day.  Where is the concern or alarm?

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Many of us think it is not a matter of “if”, but rather “when” the chickens of irresponsibility and rebellion come home to roost.  We are joined by Christian economist Doug Wakefield of Best Minds Inc. for a sobering cup of reality when it comes to economics.  We will also discuss how true Christians should prepare and respond when economic chaos comes is a reality.


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