As we go about our daily business as Christians doing our best to glorify and serve God, and provide for our families; Satan is working behind the scenes foolishly thinking he can use deceived men to thwart God’s plan for the final days of Earth. Satan has a growing army of deceived people and deceivers at his disposal working for him in his quest for ultimate domination.

From economics to social causes to religious “oneness,” the enemy is infiltrating virtually every human establishment attempting to rewrite what God has already mandated.  And while God’s plans will not be thwarted, the sad reality is hundreds of millions will be eternally damned because they fell for the deception and cunning words of the father of lies. Let us trust Jesus and know the Word of God!

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One Watchman keeping us informed on global oneness movements is Carl Teichrib of “Forcing Change.” Carl frequently has a front row seat at many of these conferences, hearing and seeing first hand what the enemy is up to through world religious and political leaders.  It appears 2016 will be a year where “global transformation” progresses – on steroids – and we best be prepared for the lies and deception we will be sold. Carl Teichrib talks about the Parliament of World Religions. Is this a foreshadowing of a global religion?

From Carl’s website:

Your world is being radically re-shaped…

…and over the years this transformation has been given a variety of labels: Global Governance, the New World Order, Internationalism, World Federalism, International Management, World Law, and Global Democracy have all been used to describe the political side of these phenomena.

In the realm of religion and society, phrases such as United Religions, Interfaithism, Religious Pluralism, Unity in Diversity, Global Citizenship, and International Solidarity express the global change of culture, thought, and faith.

Economics, too, has its lexicon of transformation: the New Economic Order, Monetary Unions, Global Free Trade, Regional Currency Areas, the International Monetary System, and a Single Global Currency all speak to the re-shuffling of economic might.Yet all of these phrases, and more, are wrapped up and represented in one word: globalization.


One World, One Money

“A global economy requires a global currency.”
— Paul Volcker, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve

A New World Agenda

Carl writes:

America needs to look beyond its own borders to understand what is happening within its borders. The largest trading partner the US has is Canada. With that in mind, it should have concerned everyone in both countries when Prime Minister Jean Chrétien explained that the United Nations is “the centre piece of Canadian foreign policy.” This foreign policy, this promotion of “global order,” is taking North America down the fast track to international socialism. Hidden under the guise of sustainable development, our two nations are trading freedom for a draconian world agenda.