Since the “Un-Supreme Court” ruled in June that they knew better than God how marriage should be defined, we have been addressing the theme that Christians are in the world, but not to be of the world.  As we start to wrap up 2015 and look ahead to an eventful 2016, we look at some news stories and ask this question:  Are you more or less optimistic than you were a year ago that our nation could ever return to God?

Should committed, bible-believing Christians hold out any hope that our nation’s leaders and people will return to their senses and acknowledge God and His ways?  Or do we accept the growing reality that America is irreversibly headed down the same path as Sodom and Gomorrah?

Most of our conversation focused on the celebration of Christmas; should we celebrate, why do we celebrate, and how do we celebrate Christ this time of year without all the commercialism or idolatry we see even in the church?

Listen to the podcast of today’s show with our guest, Pastor Randy White Ministries

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