Islam is touted by our government, media and government school system as a “religion of peace”.  And many Christian leaders buy this story line hook, line and sinker–and never take the time to see what the Bible has to say about the world’s fastest growing “religion”–one that is promoting terrorism in every corner of the globe.

But our responsibility to Muslims–and every human being–is to love them enough to share the gospel of salvation with them.  This presents a particularly tough challenge with Islam–because there is a real possibility the Muslim you witness to today is being taught to turn against you one day in the future.

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So how do we have an honest, open-eyed approach to Islam and Muslims?  This morning at 9am we are joined by Pastor and best-selling author Carl Gallups–who is also a former Law Enforcement Officer.  Carl has studied biblical prophecy and Islam extensively and his latest book “Be Thou Prepared” gives practical biblical advice on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities we face these days as believers.