Another week, another mass murder.  And while the debate will rage asking if this was workplace violence or radical Islamic terrorism, one thing we know for sure: The chickens are coming home to roost, as man pays the price for rejecting God and the truth of His Word.

The question is no longer how do we stop this insanity of violence; it is more how do we live within it and respond to it as true followers of Jesus Christ?  When I hear these stories of senseless killing and Islamic terror, my first reaction is to really hate the people who do these horrific things–but then I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that as a disciple of Jesus Christ, I forfeited my “right” to hate any man.

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On Friday we will be joined by pastor, best-selling author and former Law Enforcement Officer Carl Gallups to discuss his timely book “Be Thou Prepared”–certainly a timely topic.  This morning Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action joins us to discuss the political and social war being waged against Christians in education, media and government.

One last thing to remember as true believers:  We fight our best and most effective battles by being on our knees in prayer!