laryciaA Professor at Wheaton University–a Christian College–has come out stating that she believes Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Larycia Hawkins said,

I stand in solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, are people of the book. And as Pope Francis state last week, we worship the same God…

The response from Wheaton leadership–tepid so far.  Is there any place safe to send our children to school anymore?  Dave Wager–a Wheaton Alumnus–checks in with us today to give us his thoughts.

UPDATE: Wheaton College suspends Christian professor who wore a hijab

First, we are joined by Robert Meyer, a writer for Renew America, to discuss the confusion between “separation of church and state” and imposing a Theocracy in government.  Progressives are successfully confusing these issues and promoting secular humanism while pushing Christian thought and teachings to the curb.  Join us at 9am Central as we discuss these issues.

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First segment – Separation of Church and State debate:

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