2016 looks to be a year in which more seeds of change take root–and we’re not talking good change.  Our economy is running on fumes; terrorism and violent crime are on the rise; people are losing confidence in public institutions; and discrimination against Christians is becoming a stark reality.

The church is becoming soft on doctrines and principles, creating many assemblies that look more like country clubs instead of committed believers and disciples of Jesus Christ.  All of this is setting us up for the great falling away the Apostle Paul warned us about.

Are we spiritually and physically prepared for what is coming? Are we equipping and preparing our children for the deluge of secular humanism they are being taught in public education and media?  Or are we sitting back content to let things play out–as long as it doesn’t affect our nice little world?

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We’re joined by Pastor and best-selling Author Carl Gallups discussing his latest book Be Thou Prepared.  We will talk about understanding and preparing for what is coming when the world really does hate us because of Christ.