The problem with an oppressive government in America is that it subtly expands and sneaks in, and when we finally realize its power and danger it is often too late.  In Germany, Adolph Hitler was able to convince citizens and religious leaders he was doing things for their benefit–until it was too late and people found themselves oppressed, imprisoned or killed for resisting tyranny.  And the real scary thing is that the majority of religious leaders were complicit because they wanted to keep their positions of authority while others were silent due to fear of the Nazi regime.  Are we experiencing “deja vu all over again” as the late pundit Yogi Berra opined?

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Anita Dittman, a holocaust survivor joins us this morning to point out the eerie similarities between Nazi Germany, America, and the new World Order being promoted in our time.

“Sometimes God permits difficult things in our lives that become something wonderful.” -Anita Dittman

NaziPriestsSaluteHitlerOne of Dittman’s favorite quotes:

Safety is not the absence of danger, but the presence of God.


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