The Most Influential People of 2015

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Best of!, Culture & Morality, Homosexual Agenda, Podcast | 3 comments

Who is leading America and where are we being led? Plenty of voices compete for our attention, but over the last year, a few had the most impact.
Are Christians much different than average American citizens when it comes to who influences our attitudes and actions? Yes, we are to be set apart and are instructed to be transformed by the renewing of our minds rather than conform to this world, but this takes discipline and obedience to God. (Romans 12:1-2) Listeners to this program have chimed in with their opinions about who had the most influence on us last year. Some say Bruce Jenner, others say Barack Obama, and still others say Donald Trump, Putin, the Pope, ISIS, or the Supreme Court. What do you think?
Are we influenced more by our culture or by Christ? How is all the moral, political, and sexual confusion being promoted today and more importantly, why is it rarely addressed by most Christian leaders? We must take care we do not spend more time listening to Hollywood than God’s Holy Word?

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Jesus referred to His followers as sheep and sheep need to be led. But two critical questions are who is leading the sheep and where they are leading us.  Politically, spiritually and socially many are out there vying to be our leaders, but are they looking out for us or themselves?  This morning we discuss the important difference between “leaders” and “bosses” and how we as Christians can tell the difference.
Parents must be on top of things and pro-active about communicating with their children these days, but here is another crucial question: Is your pastor or youth group leader addressing the most controversial issues facing us today?
We invite you to chime in on who you think was the most influential person or group in the world from 2015; not necessarily the “best” but the most influential.
Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action joins us in the first segment to discuss Christians and politics as well as the upcoming Rally for Life at the Madison state capitol next Tuesday, January 12 from noon until 2 pm.
A few comments from Julaine during today’s program:
We also touched on the recent story involving two Milwaukee TV stations that have refused to run pro-life ads sponsored by Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin. The ads urge citizens to call the Assembly Speaker to put a pro-life bill on the floor for a vote. Fox 6 and WISN both said the ad was inappropriate for people watching the early morning or early evening news, the time slots the organizations had requested.
More from Appling,

The ads are not inappropriate. They show beautiful, active live babies in the womb with text indicating possible prices a group like Planned Parenthood might charge for their body parts—after they are horrifically aborted.  The stations have the right to deny an ad; but we certainly don’t agree with the reason.

There are consequences when Christians take the path of least resistance and we are seeing the results of our past silence being played out before us in our godless culture. We must lovingly address these issues, engage in the battle and point people to Jesus.
That being stated, if our hope is in people, politics, possessions, or performance, we will always end up disappointed and left feeling empty. But if our hope is in Jesus Christ, the only God who can save us and offer us truth as well as answers to our every problem, we will then have an eternal perspective and a foundation on which we can stand, and a hope that will never fade.
The choice is ours to obey the great commission and also be salt and light in a decaying, dark culture and country speeding down the road to destruction. There are many ways to impact others for Christ, but doing and saying nothing is rarely the right choice.
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