How Well Do We Really Know the Bible?

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Best of!, Podcast | 2 comments

It is one thing to read the Bible–quite another to understand it and live it.  A growing number of professing Christians these days claim to believe the Word of God is eternal truth yet their stated beliefs and lifestyles contradict God’s Word.
How many times have you been in a Bible study where a verse is read and the study leader asks “What does this verse mean to you?” Breaking news: there is only one correct interpretation of the Word–it means what God says it means.  And we need to understand the Bible in complete context in part by understanding it in a non-contradictory way.

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Pastor Randy White joins us this morning discussing 30 things you must understand and believe from the Word of God.

  • It’s easy to say you know your Bible, but how do you know if your REALLY know your Bible?
  • Knowing these 30 things is like knowing an outline if Biblical theology.
  • Bible knowledge is the only way to really claim a Biblical worldview (as opposed to a “Christian” worldview).
  • If a person doesn’t understand the first three on the list, they don’t have a Biblical worldview.
  • Churches have lost their focus and become “celebration centers” or a “fellowship of excitement” rather than a “school of the Bible.”
  • Sermons don’t all have to have application…they do all have to have Biblical content.
  • Most Christians would fail simple Bible-knowledge quiz because preachers are not teaching Bible content.
  • Next time your pastor teaches the Word, give him some thanks, because a lot of people will criticize him for being irrellevant.

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