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For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11

Americans are divided over moral issues, but our greater concern should be that the church is divided as well. Some Christians have bought into liberalism as well as the progressive politics of Planned Parenthood and now support abortion. There is confusion about marriage as well. Many in our society live as if the Ten Commandments are ten suggestions.

Shouldn’t the faith and morality of those within church walls be vastly different from those in culture?

Barna Research has revealed 34% of American adults believe moral truth is absolute, with the lowest percentage of believers being between eighteen and twenty-five years old. The number of Christians who believe in moral absolutes is also decreasing – including those who believe abortion, adultery, homosexuality, and idolatry are sins.

We are not so separate from the world after all.

How did the diluting of Scripture, progressivism, and liberalism find its way into the church? For our purposes, we may define liberalism as a philosophy or movement away from traditional religion toward humanism, science, and socialism; emphasis on freedom from/rebellion against authority and fundamentalism; believing the goodness of human beings rather than acknowledging God.

We should not be surprised at the sharp divide in many churches and denominations over the Bible, sound doctrine, and moral absolutes because Liberalism has officially invaded Christianity. Some call it a revival of post modernism, modern theology, liberation theology, social theology, or even neo-orthodoxy; but disciples of these teachings can be found in most churches. The apostle Paul warned about them because some appear to be believers, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these (2 Timothy 3:5).

Political liberalism is one thing; we know exactly where leftist, anti-Christian folks stand by the politics they endorse, and they make no claim to know the same God or the same morality you and I do. But religious liberals are dangerous because they generally believe the same thing as leftists and yet claim to be Christian! They often use the same terminology as we do, but have very different interpretations and meanings.

Many religious liberals have assimilated into American Christianity. Some may not even realize the error of their ways while others are emergent leaders having set out to divide and deceive believers.

Evangelical Christian theologian, pastor, and author, Francis A. Schaeffer wrote:

Any denomination or parachurch group that forsakes inerrancy will end up shipwrecked. It is impossible to prevent the surrender of other important doctrinal teachings of the Word of God when inerrancy is gone.

In the case of liberal church leaders, the New Testament refers to them as wolves in sheep’s clothing. With the departure from sound doctrine, we’ve seen the stage set for believers to accept false teachings and fall away. The good news is this apostasy is prophetic and must occur to usher in the end times. The bad news is it happened so gradually many Christians never saw it coming, so they went along with the modern ideas and teachings…

Emerging churches have merged with secular culture and politics, and have submerged from the solid foundation of biblical teaching.

Immediately after Jesus told His followers the way to life was a narrow one, He cautioned them to beware of false prophets and also said, you will recognize them by their fruits (Matthew 7:13-20). He instructs believers to observe what others produce. The result of what we see from today’s emergent church teachings is Christians becoming more like the world (Romans 12:2). A little yeast can work through an entire batch of dough.

Nearly three decades ago, Dr. Walter Martin declared the liberal church movement an “all-pervading cult that’s loose in the United States right at this moment.”



This is part of a book excerpt from The Cost of Our Silence