“It Could Never Happen Here…”

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Best of!, Evangelism, Islam, Persecution, Podcast, Religious Freedom | 3 comments

Dozens murdered in Brussels.  Seventy Christians including many women and children slaughtered on Easter Sunday in Pakistan.  Islamic terrorists are wreaking havoc around the world, but surely it could never happen in the United States…or is it inevitable?

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Is our government, and more importantly, is the church prepared for the day when radical Muslims decide to carry out more terror attacks in America?  Elijah Abraham, a former Muslim, joins us this morning to talk radical Islam and a sleeping Christian Church that seems unwilling to reach out to Muslims with the gospel.
Questions for Elijah:

  • Why would terrorists chose Belgium? Do you think they will continue to attack that country or will it spread to the rest of Europe?
  • From the response of the Belgian government and France, do you think it will deter such attacks in the future?
  • Europe chose the route of multiculturalism and secularism, do you believe these are factors into the planning of Jihadists?
  • Where is the European church in the midst of all of this?
  • How about the U.S. – are we headed in the same direction as the Europeans? If so, why?
  • What should the church do in the meantime in America?
  • How can we raise awareness when most people don’t want to pay attention or acknowledge the problem.

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